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My Week With Your Health Limited

My work experience wasn’t what I had expected.

As someone who has always wanted to work in care or medicine, going to a care home was my first thought when told I needed to find a work experience placement. When Your Health Limited accepted me for the week, I was ecstatic. Yes, I couldn’t be based at a care home for the whole week, and that was slightly disappointing, but I could still experience what care was like, and get a look behind the scenes as well.

The first care home I went to was Langwith Lodge, in Nottinghamshire. Not having been to many care homes beforehand, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to see, or what to expect. Would everyone just stay in their beds, eating, sleeping and never truly aware of the world? Whatever I expected, it didn’t come close to what I actually found. The residents were moving freely around the home, engaging in the different activities on offer, chatting with the carers and other residents. It was incredible; you’d almost never believe it wa…

Summer Fields Resident Honoured for Service During WW2

The best part of working so closely with residents is hearing their stories first hand. We love when residents engage with our staff members and tell them snippets, however small or seemingly irrelevant, of things that happened long ago. Those unlocked memories aid reminiscence therapy and help us to get to know our residents much better, as well as providing countless opportunities for meaningful conversations. Every now and again we hear something that's too special to keep to ourselves, and with the permission of resident John and his family we'd like to share his story...

John lives in Summer Fields Care Home in the Wirral. During the Second World War he served as a sapper with the Royal Engineers 11th Armoured (Taurus) Division, and was present at the D-Day Landings. He has spoken of landing on Juno Beach, and of his time building bridges that the Germans often destroyed. Staff members have been enthralled by his stories, and the additional facts that his family has been a…

We're going 30 Days Wild

On 1st June all ten of our care homes will embark upon a wildlife initiative that continues to reap positive rewards for our staff and residents months and months later.

What is 30 Days Wild?

30 Days Wild is a challenge set by the Wildlife Trusts each year during June - hence its name! Participants are encouraged to complete just one random act of wild each day, although there's no limit for anyone wanting to do more. These random acts of wild could be as simple as cloud spotting, whistling with grass, watching a wild webcam or walking barefoot across a lawn, or involve petitioning your local MP, visiting a nature reserve or joining a campaign to safeguard our natural habitats. All of our lives are so much better when they're wilder, and these small, but intrinsically connected acts of wild could do so much to protect wildlife - often without even realising the good that we're doing.

This year the Wildlife Trusts have released a dedicated care home pack to help care homes …

The Grange and Elm Court receives another 'Good' rating from CQC!

The exceptional management and team and staff from The Grange and Elm Court in Cundy Cross, Barnsley were delighted to receive the results of their latest CQC inspection, which rated the service as being ‘Good’ across all areas.

The home has maintained a ‘Good’ rating following its last inspection in 2016, and was recognised for its processes and practices that kept residents safe and comfortable. Other key highlights from the report included staff approachability, the promotion and protection of dignity and independence, and good quality of staff training. The report, which was published on 28th February 2019 also detailed that the home’s risk assessment and management, healthcare support and leadership were of a good standard.

Manager Vicki Ellis says of the report and its findings:

“We have worked hard to create and maintain an open, inclusive culture at our home. Communication is absolutely vital, and I was pleased to see that inspectors had recognised our efforts and the positive ou…

Giving our homes a dose of Daily Sparkle

We’re always on the lookout for new and meaningful ways to enrich our residents’ lives and empower our staff members to deliver person-centered care. Resources that enrich interactions, inspire conversations and improve mental health and wellbeing are invaluable across all of our homes, and help our dedicated teams to engage all the more meaningfully. What’s more, these kinds of prompts aid reminiscence therapy, not to mention being great fun for residents to share with their friends and family members on visits.
We’ve been trialling The Daily Sparkle throughout our homes for the last couple of months, and have noticed several benefits related to this relatively simple idea. The Daily Sparkle is a daily reminiscence newspaper, comprising nostalgic photos, quotes and news articles from across the eras that have been reproduced into a document that’s emailed directly to care home managers and activity coordinators. There are readers’ stories, helpful tips and quizzes, too. Printed out …

Leaholme Residential Home receives another 'Good' CQC rating!

The exceptional management team and staff from Leaholme Residential Home in Stoneygate, Leicester were thrilled to receive the results of their latest CQC report, which rated the service as being ‘Good’ across all areas. 

Maintaining, and even improving upon standards since its last inspection Leaholme Residential Home’s clean, safe and supportive environment, commitment to residents’ needs, promotion of dignity and independence, and dedication to person-centred care were all highlighted as positives. The report also recognised the home’s motivated staff members and tasty, nutritious meals. The report was published on Wednesday 20th March 2019, and identified areas where Leaholme Residential Home fulfilled expectations. Key areas highlighted included risk assessment and management, staffing and recruitment, safeguarding, and the ability to assess and fulfil people’s needs and choices.

Registered Home Manager Sophia Francis was understandably thrilled:

“I have every confidence in my t…